Understanding Gaps: Profiting from the Opening Gap – Scott Andrews

Understanding Gaps: Profiting from the Opening Gap by Scott Andrews shares a detailed guide on gap trading through coherent instructions and real case studies.

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Book Overview

Understanding Gaps is part of an ongoing series of publications of Traders Press Inc®. Each book in this series is intended to provide traders with an “up-close” look at a topic that has had little in-depth coverage in other trading-related literature and to provide a source of additional information as well as a listing of other sources and articles from which the reader may learn more about the topic covered.

Book Outline

  • Introduction: Why I love trading gaps?
  • What are gaps?
    • The Basics
    • How to Use and Profit from Gaps
    • The Promise of Gaps
    • The Paradox
  • Creating a Profitable Strategy
    • Gap Size
    • Gap Zone
    • Seasonality
    • Stop Size
    • Target Optimization
  • Real World Examples
    • How I Trade Gaps
    • Gap Fade Examples
    • “Go With” Example
    • “Fade the Fill” Example
  • Gap Trading Tips
  • Get Started: Conclusion

What Will You Learn?

  • Deep dives into gap trading by an experienced trader.
  • Powerful techniques and strategies to win high profits from gaps.
  • Illustrated case studies and examples from real-world trades.
  • Helpful tips for trading with gaps.

Who Is This Book For?

The book is for every trader who love to learn gap trading through deep dives by a professional trader.



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