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The Active Growth Investor published by Caruso Insights empowers you to secure big wins and hold them long-term, learning how to think like a real pro trader.

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Caruso Insights
Technical Analysis

Course overview

One of the big mistakes investors make when entering the market is choosing stocks at random, missing out on strong stocks, exiting too early, and not feeling sure and scared when the market hits the market downward. The Active Growth Investor course not only helps you to erase all of the above but also makes you a trader with the thinking, principles, and technical analysis and strategy.

In addition, Matt Caruso’s course also provides real case studies to help you understand more the best methods and typical errors. You can learn to think and act like a good investor.

Course outline


  • Module 1: Mindset
  • Module 2: Setting Goals
  • Module 3: Principles
  • Module 4: Getting the Job Done – Tools & Methods
  • Module 5: Portfolio Essentials
  • Module 6: Market Direction
  • Module 7: Long Term Success
  • Module 8: Deep Dive Case Studies
  • Bonus: Common Situations


  • 10+ hours of educational video
  • 200+ annotated charts
  • Full chart pack
  • Matt’s full strategy document
  • Indicator scripts

What will you learn?

Mindset and Trading Psychology

  • The principles of setting goals
  • The mindset shared among the professional traders

Essentials of Technical Analysis and the Advanced Concepts

  • Fundamental analysis
  • Shapers
  • Cup with Handle
  • Double Bottom
  • Shakeout + 10%
  • Coil/Long Triangle
  • Shapers and Leaders
  • Tactical Patterns
  • Mini Coil
  • Doji Flag
  • And so much more!

Powerful Trading Strategies for the Consistency of Profitability

  • Expectation Breakers
  • Pull Backs
  • Tactical Price Breakout
  • Hold Rules
  • IPO Hole Exemption

The Best Practices of Management

  • Risk Management
  • Position sizing
  • Losing Streaks
  • Market Management
  • Long–term Success

Illustrated Case Studies

  • Case Study 1: DECK
  • Case Study 2: AAPL
  • Case Study 3: Covid Crash
  • ROKU 2020 Case Study
  • ROKU 2020 Case Study Daily Analysis
  • ROKU 2020 Case Study Weekly Analysis

Who is this course for?

The Active Growth Investor Course belongs to people:

  • Beginners or people without a solid knowledge of trading
  • Want to have the mindset and analysis like a good trader

Additional information

What makes this course unique?

The Active Growth Investor Course has been applied in many countries around the world and had impressive results. Global equities trader with over A$5 billion – Antonio said: “Following Matt’s technical analysis lessons at University has given me an easy way to see the market. easier. I can watch and analyze the market reaction, or where the market is going next, in real-time. They have played a huge role in my career now.”

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