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The focal points of Sam Shames’ Ultimate Indicator Bundle 2022 are how to catch up with the fast-paced trading market from profitable trading methods and powerful tools.

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Sam Shames
Technical Analysis

Course overview

Sam Shames’ Ultimate Indicator Bundle 2022 is an online course where you can learn how to use the HiLo Pro and TrendOscillator Pro tools.

There have been technical analysis and strategies that you can get access to along with such brilliant tools. You can take glimpses into how professionals use tools to collect information about market trends and movements.

There are tried-and-true tools and methods that you will be able to get access to through this course. So, you do not learn the bluffing frameworks, but the ones that can work in real trading. You can see through the illustrated charts and deep dives into historical trades

Course outline

  • What is TrendOscillator Pro and when to use it?
  • The shape of the red line – Trend shape
  • Qualifying UpTrend and DownTrend
  • The shape of the red line – Sideway looks
  • What to do when the market fluctuates
  • Neutralizing trends lead to Hilo Pro
  • The white line Momentum S/R levels

What can you learn?

  • The instructions on how to utilize the tools of HiLo Pro and TrendOscillator Pro for a quick catchup with the trading market.
  • The identification of opportune trades through the usage of technical analysis for the spot of momentums in the market.
  • What the TrendOscillator Pro divergence tells you in advance so that you can forecast what will happen in the trading market with high accuracy.
  • How to decipher the patterns of a breakthrough in the trading market.
  • Instructions on how to trade the strategy called Smiles and Frowns along with the usage of the HiLo Pro indicator.
  • The simple setups of the trading process and routine for higher profitability.

Who is this course for?

Sam Shames’ Ultimate Indicator Bundle 2022 is suitable for those who want to update their fast-paced trading market knowledge, especially HiLo Pro and TrendOscillator Pro tools


Sam Shames

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