Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Collection – London 2016 – Talent LMS


Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Collection – London 2016 shows you how to develop viable trading plans competent in any market.

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Course overview

Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Collection – London 2016 from the Talent LMS of the ITPM team is a jam-packed course bundle with 6 different courses recorded throughout 2016, yet it has not, and even may not be considered outdated in near future. This bundle has numerous valuable lessons about developing a proper trading plan that can correspond to any movement of financial markets, be it positive or not.

With an incredible cover of attractive yet challenging topics, Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Collection will take your knowledge of options trading and stock trading to a new height, which may even set you apart from the other average traders in the industry. By learning the best practices and common mistakes from actual experiences of trading experts, you can determine what is missing for you to grab the dreamed success and save yourself from potential risk and losses


Course outline

  • Anton Kreil – What sets apart the best and the worst retail traders
  • Jason McDonald – Best and worst career trades and what you can learn from them
  • Tristan Edwards – How to set up a hedge fund
  • Christ Cathey – How to ace investment bank and hedge fund interviews
  • Raj Malhotra – Marginal benefits of directional options trading
  • Gregoire Dupont – The most crucial part of a trading plan


What will you learn?

  • Features that define a good and a bad trader
  • Best practices and common mistakes of retail trading
  • Insights into the mutual aspects that successful trading careers all share
  • Detailed overview of the structure of a hedge fund, with practical tips and tricks
  • What to look for when getting interviewed for investment banks and hedge funds
  • The difference between options trading and stock trading
  • The core techniques and the essential fundamentals of developing a successful trading plan


Who is this course for?

Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management Collection – London 2016 by Talent LMS is an ideal bundle for intermediate traders who need the guidance of making viable plans to keep their trading income flows stable.



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