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Swing Trade Pro by Pivot Boss teaches you to profit from unpredictable swings of the market like a professional trader while keeping your risk at bay.

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Pivot Boss
Swing Trading

Course Overview

Swing Trade Pro by Pivot Boss is considered a ‘blueprint’ as the author suggests, meaning that you can instantly follow all that is offered by the course and make gain an attractive fortune without the need for further adjustment and modification. Although only taking up approximately 10 hours, Swing Trade Pro covers enough options trading concepts and techniques for you to utilize for the rest of your trading life.

The course is a powerful 5-step program teaching you to profit from fluctuating swings while reducing the exposure to risk by choosing the right strategies and understanding the core of trading plans. With Swing Trade Pro by Pivot Boss, identifying potential opportunities in any financial market is no longer a mystery. Professionals have taken their chances and found their successes. Now, it is your turn!

Course outline

  • Introduction.mp4
  • Step 01 – risk management.mp4
  • Step 02 – trade sequences.mp4
  • Step 03 – strategy toolkit.mp4
  • Step 04 – execution.mp4
  • Step 05 – documentation.mp4
  • Step 1 – risk management.pdf
  • Step 2 – trade sequences.pdf
  • Step 3 – strategy toolkit.pdf
  • Step 4 – execution.pdf
  • Step 5 – documentation.pdf

What will you learn?

  • Finding profitable trading opportunities in any financial market by using predetermined day types and trade sequence blueprints
  • Identifying the most optimal entry points for each trade sequence and day type
  • Proficiently executing your trades
  • Risk management and decreasing your exposure to uncertainty
  • Choosing appropriate options strategies for your trading plans
  • Protecting your long-term investment and positions by choosing specific options contracts
  • Using simple options strategies for consistent flows of long-term income

Who is this course for?

Swing Trade Pro by Pivot Boss is created as a framework for intermediate traders to apply to their trading plans without worrying much about other distractions.



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