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The Strategy Factory Workshop of Kevin Davey is designed for algo traders who wish to create, test, and evaluate their strategies before risking their money.

Strategy Factory Workshop of Kevin Davey: An ultimate trading course for retail algo traders

If you become enraged when you build an attractive approach only to lose money trading it live, or if you lack confidence and are fearful, your trading systems lack an edge. When you’re having difficulty coming up with new trade ideas, Kevin Davey’s Strategy Factory Workshop is exactly what you need. This workshop is intended for mechanical or algo traders who wish to create, test, and evaluate their trading systems prior to risking real money. In an ideal world, your rules will be well documented and programmable. However, if you trade with prudence, this training might benefit you as well. 

Kevin Davey assists you in the development and growth of your trading system through the Strategy Factory Workshop. This course is designed for dealers who must develop, test, and evaluate their frameworks prior to risking funds. It is not a typical workshop, but it does include around 20 hours of educational videos, a one day live session, and ongoing email assistance for approximately four months. Thus, it is not a one-off event; rather, you might profit from it for months.

What benefits the Strategy Factory Workshop by Kevin Davey brings you

Apart from teaching traders how to create trading strategies, Strategy Factory Workshop has a lot of advantages. You will watch a comprehensive film on the subject that covers the majority of the elements essential for trading methods. The videos are pre-recorded, therefore they are not intended for a single viewing session. You can watch them at your leisure. You can also participate in a live session, during which you can submit your questions and learn about those of other students. This will aid you in comprehending the entire debate. Additionally, you may swiftly expand your arsenal of methods by joining the Strategy Factory club and employing the ideas created by other members.

What skills you expect to master from this workshop

Kevin Davey’s Strategy Factory Workshop equips you to create, design, and develop trading strategies. You will get new trading strategies. Not only that, but this course will teach you how to create algorithmic strategies to help you improve your trading style. You will really discover ways to create money without jeopardizing it.

Meet your host Kevin Davey

Kevin Davey

Kevin J. Davey is a skilled trader who has created award-winning trading methods for automated algorithmic trading. He is the author of four highly successful books about trading and investing. In the world of algorithmic trading, he is widely seen as a thought leader in the development of trading algorithms. He is the author of the monthly technical analysis stock and commodities column Algo Q&A in the publication Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities. Aeronautical engineer and MBA with over 30 years of experience as an independent trader and investor, Kevin Davey is an active participant in the global financial markets. Kevin trades full-time, as well as writing about trading and doing trading webinars, including his Strategy Factory class that he won an award for. In addition, he is available for one-on-one mentoring or consultation. They will be putting their efforts into inventing new trading techniques and strategies on a daily basis, as well as continuing to innovate with existing trading methods and strategies.

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    Adios to my old me is what I can say with the aid of the knowledge from this course

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