Credit Spread Class 2015 – Sheridan Options Mentoring

Credit Spread Class 2015 holds a complete walkthrough from essential basics of options trading to advanced concepts of options spread strategies.

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Course overview

Credit Spread Class 2015 by Sheridan Options Mentoring is jam-packed with 8 classes, taking learners from the most basic knowledge of options trading, including fundamental principles, the Greeks, risk/reward ratios, and the like.

With the combinations of vivid demonstrations of case studies from actual trades and clear insights into constructing a proper options spread, Credit Spread Class 2015 promises learners will soon develop their own optimal strategies for high profitability without worrying about the high volatility of the market.


Course outline

  • 1503-0-CreditSpread
  • 1503-0-CreditSpreadSlides
  • 1503-1-CS1 manual
  • 1503-1-CreditSpread video
  • 1503-2-CS2 manual
  • 1503-2-CreditSpread video
  • 1503-3-CS3 manual
  • 1503-3-CreditSpread video
  • 1503-4-CS4 manual
  • 1503-4-CreditSpread video
  • 1503-5-CS5 manual
  • 1503-5-CreditSpread video
  • 1503-6-CreditSpread video
  • 1503-7-CreditSpread video
  • 1503-8-CreditSpread video

What will you learn?

  • Developing a solid understanding of credit spreads, including essential principles, the Greeks, the risk/reward ratios, and so on
  • Risk management and the difference between credit spread and iron condor
  • Guidelines for executing and adjusting credit spread strategies
  • How to modify credit spread
  • Catching up with the trading volatility
  • Utilizing indicators for optimal timing on short put positions
  • Case studies from actual trading, including adjustments and executions of put credit spreads
  • Walkthrough over the author’s favorite adjustments of credit spreads – the ratio butterfly spread
  • Risk management of SPX ratio butterfly

Who is this course for?

Credit Spread Class 2015 is highly recommended to traders at all levels, especially beginners who are diving into the field of options trading and looking for thorough guidance on controlling credit spreads on your accounts.


Dan Sheridan

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