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Selling Premium Class 2018 by Theo Trade teaches a profitable framework of how to earn high profits and join risk-free trades through coherent instructions and real case studies.

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Don Kaufman, Theo Trade
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Course Overview

The Selling Premium Class 2018 course brought to you by Theo Trade is an ideal course leading you to discover the deep inside of the trading market, where you can observe the comprehensive operating principles.

By following up the syllabus of this course, you will have a chance to sharpen and advance your personal trading skills, allowing you to process the trades with an intelligent mindset in order to gain a high steady stream of monthly and yearly income.

At the end of the Selling Premium Class 2018 course, you will be able to become a professional trader who is able to earn a huge amount of money from the trading industry, building a solid retirement successfully.

Course Outline

  • The rationale for selling premium so you understand why these transactions are profitable at the moment
  • How to develop an options inventory that allows you to diversify your risk across goods and time periods
  • A professional trader’s guide to capital allocation, ensuring that you always know exactly how much to risk.
  • The Greeks decoded so you can utilize them to optimize your earnings while minimizing your risk
  • Risk management is critical for all long-term traders. You will thrive in the markets if you learn how to manage your risk.

What Will You Learn?

  • Taking part in the Selling Premium Class 2018 course, you will have a chance to learn the ultimate trading techniques that allows you to dive deep into the trading market and price-moving principles via the intelligent lessons contained in the professional syllabus.
  • With the careful instruction of your course mentor, you will be able to get through the trading strategies to explode the trading profits, which bring back to you high consistency returns.
  • Each student enrolled in this course will receive a variety of supporting materials to guarantee that you are able to keep up with the pace of the course’s syllabus and absorb all of the knowledge presented in order to apply it precisely in your own particular situations after completion.
  • Materials such as straightforward lectures, apparent explanations of specialized words, and the Q&A portion with course mentors comprise this body of work.

Who Is This Course For?

It is for every trader at every level to enrich their knowledge and skills to manage risks and earn more profits.



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