Price Action Trading Vol.2 – Fractal Flow Pro

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Take on any kind of market and timeframes with Price Action Trading Vol.2’s step-by-step training of progressive price action trading techniques.

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Fractal Flow

Course overview

Interpreting price action can be rather subjective, leading to different conclusions even when analyzing the same price motion. However, with the help of Price Action Trading Vol.2 by Fractal Flow Pro, you will not need to get your hands on minor details and just simply go straight to all the best financial markets techniques and how to execute them flawlessly.

Price Action Trading Vol.2 promises a broad coverage of knowledge, ranging from an overview of the previous episode to advanced technical evaluation techniques and setups for achieving higher profits.

Course outline

  • Lecture 1: Nash Equilibrium & Market Manipulation
  • Lecture 2: Newtonian Action Space Extrapolation & The Counterpoint Between Players
  • Lecture 3: The Good and the Bad of Dynamic Frequency Breakouts
  • Lecture 4: Cross Dimensionality and Reverse Engineering
  • Lecture 5: Near Extremes, Non-Equidistant Extrapolation Lines & Neutral Bias.
  • Lecture 6: Standing Motion to Running Motion & Triple Intersection
  • Lecture 7: Inward Parallels, Good Stops & Positive Feedback Loops
  • Lecture 8: Fibonacci Square Fields, Tuned Forks & Circular Decomposition
  • Lecture 9: Attention to Detail, Open Space & The Barriers of Price
  • Lecture 10: Switching Quality of Subtle Lines and Depth of Analysis
  • Lecture 11: Market Manipulation, Evolutionary Psychology, and Pitchforks
  • Lecture 12: The Paradox of Fractal Flows and The Imperfection of the Market

What will you learn?

  • 12 HD video lectures on advanced financial markets techniques for high profitability
  • How to apply them in any market and timeframe
  • Market manipulation with Nash equilibrium, evolutionary psychology, and pitchforks
  • Precise technical analysis techniques/ setups
  • Risk management guidelines
  • An overview of the knowledge covered in Price Action Trading Vol.1

Who is this course for?

Price Action Trading Vol.2 boasts a list of highly progressive technical methods of financial markets that prove to be overwhelming and challenging to any underprepared traders. Experienced intermediate traders should have an easier time taking on the course.



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