Pennystocking Framework – Timothy Sykes

In this Pennystocking Framework course by Timothy Sykes, you will learn the techniques and strategies being used to successfully day trade penny stocks for over a decade.

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Timothy Sykes
MS Stock Trading

Course overview

This Pennystocking Framework course will walk you through the process of becoming a profitable penny stock day trader. We’ll start at the beginning (so you don’t feel lost if you’re new to stock trading) and go over everything you’ll need to know to start trading tiny stocks profitably.


Course outline

  • Pennystocking Framework Part 1
  • Pennystocking Framework Part 2
  • Pennystocking Framework Part 3
  • Pennystocking Framework Part 4
  • Pennystocking Framework Part 5


What will you learn?

  • Learn how to trade penny stocks like a pro, even if you have no prior experience!
  • Learn the ins and outs of the penny stock market as well as the wider stock market.
  • Learn how to consistently make money by employing basic yet successful trading methods and tactics.
  • Discover how to identify and trade typical chart patterns and formations utilized by expert traders.
  • Learn how to read real-time market activity to increase your trading accuracy.
  • Learn about trading psychology and how to keep your emotions in check when trading.


Who is this course for?

  • Anyone interested in learning about the penny stock market should read on.
  • Anyone who want to profit from the stock market

Any traders or investors looking to increase their technical and fundamental analysis abilities, as well as their general market understanding



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