Wyckoff Analysis Series. Module 1. Wyckoff Volume Analysis by Todd Krueger

Wyckoff Analysis Series. Module 1. Wyckoff Volume Analysis reveals fantastic market tactics and maneuvers used by smart money traders to consistently hoodwink the uninformed trader from their money. It will help set you apart from the masses.

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Course overview

Wyckoff Analysis Series. Module 1. Wyckoff Volume Analysis teaches you chart reading skills necessary to reveal which side of the trade the smart money is really on. By doing so, the course prevents you from losing money to professional smart money traders and start using the smart money to win in the markets that you trade in.

Marketed as the easiest to understand, most affordable, and results-producing Wyckoff training course available in the marketplace, this course lives up to the expectation.

This course is designed for Forex Trading and Stock Trading.

Course Outline

  • DVD I
  • DVD II
  • Wyckoff Analysis Series – Module 1

What will you learn?

  • How to identify the imbalance of supply/demand from smart money.
  • How to know which side of the market the smart money is trading from.
  • How smart money moves prices to manipulate the public’s perception.
  • How smart money creates the greed/fear cycle in the public.
  • How to profit from the herd mentality caused by smart money.
  • The inventory cycle the smart money uses.
  • How multiple timeframe analysis confirms smart money’s true intentions.
  • How the smart money is assisted in manipulating the public by the media.
  • How to determine the psychology of professional traders from the price chart.
  • How to avoid the 7 common retail trader traps.
  • 3 surefire techniques to analyze market strength.
  • 3 surefire techniques to analyze market weakness.
  • Money making secrets to improve your trading results.


Who is this course for?

Wyckoff Analysis Series. Module 1. Wyckoff Volume Analysis is ideal for traders who are looking to make the most of smart money concepts to earn consistent returns in trading Forex and stocks.



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