Options University Mastery Series – Options University

Options University Mastery Series by Options University does not just lay the foundation but also fill your house of knowledge with practical details.

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Options University
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Course Overview

Options trading theory must be approached in the same way an office building is built. The first thing is to build a strong, solid, and sound foundation. Options essentials take you through the myriad of terms and concepts that allow you to build the foundation upon which you will learn about options the right way.


In Options University Mastery Series – Options University, all of the basic definitions (option, put, call, strike, expiration, assignment, etc.) will be defined and the options pricing model (the root of option valuation) will be explored. The exploration of the model is the best way to understand how an options price is derived and how options react to changes in market variables.


Course Outline

  • Module 1 of 4 (Options University Mastery Series)
  • Module 2 of 4 (Options University Mastery Series)
  • Module 3 of 4 (Options University Mastery Series)
  • Module 4 of 4 (Options University Mastery Series)


What Will You Learn?

  • Why options trading is the only true form of hedging the stock trading arena
  • How to avoid losing your shirt overnight while you sleep
  • How to master trading options
  • How to get the maximum profit solely based on the options architecture
  • The number one biggest public misconception about options trading
  • The number one key to understanding how to trade options
  • How the pricing model of options trading functions
  • Why the nature of an option reveals the potential profit and risk scenario
  • How to follow the “experts” advice and “know the math”
  • Why the “meat” is the best chance of where the stock is going to finish
  • How to determine whether or not your option is going to doom your portfolio
  • The simplest explanation of the “Greeks” and how to properly use them
  • Why the “Greeks” are your insurance against loss
  • The number one key strategy to options trading
  • How to guarantee profit 75-82% of the time on short-term buy/sell strategies
  • How to avoid buying and selling at the wrong time
  • How to generate profits when everyone else is waiting for something to happen
  • How to analyze volatility and exploit promising trades’
  • And many more


Who is This Course For?

Options University Mastery Series by Options University is a mega bundle that not only beginners but also seasoned veterans in options trading may find filled with practical knowledge.



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