Understanding the Options Chain – September 2019 with Allison Ostrander

Understanding the Options Chain – September 2019 with Allison Ostrander teaches you how to read charts for options trading, and how to use option chain, etc, to become a profitable options trader.

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Course overview

Understanding the Options Chain – September 2019 with Allison Ostrander offers you ample chance to get access to Allison Ostrander’s trading mindset. Allison combines theories and practical applications to make it easy to understand and apply for any trader, both novice and professional.

This course is designed for Stock Trading, Options Trading, and Technical Analysis. 

Course Outline

  • Understanding Calls Vs Puts (Strike Increments, Itm Vs Otm).
  • Understanding Expirations (Near Term, Leaps, Monthlies, Weeklies).
  • Understanding The Columns (Bid, Ask, Greeks, Open Interest).
  • How The Option Chain Moves (How Price Movement Effects The Option Chain).
  • Setting Up Trade Orders (Longs, Verticals Spreads, Iron Condors, And Butterflies).
  • Internals Of Order Ticket.

What will you learn?

  • Common terminologies of options trading that you need to get familiar with for better reading and trading.
  • Technical analysis and how to gain valuable insights into the trading market.
  • The best tools that options traders would love to have as weapons to fight against the volatility of the trading market.
  • The bare essentials and how to use the option chain.
  • Real trading case studies and examples for illuminating insights into how the frameworks were applied to the real options trading market!
  • There are so many other skills and knowledge that you will love to learn in this course!

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for novice traders who are looking to better their options trading skills.



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