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New Foundations for Auction Market Trading is a comprehensive guided workshop to walk you through every detail of developing your trade plan.

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Course overview

New Foundations for Auction Market Trading is a six parts comprehensive and an intense course in trading auctions market concepts/market profiles. The course offers thorough and practical training on our methodology that is based on Auction Market Concepts.


Course outline

Part 1

  • A breakdown of the basics of trading.
  • Exactly what are we trying to do?
  • Why is it so difficult to trade?
  • Common Practices that must be avoided
  • Simple steps to immediately improve your trading
  • Developing the proper mindset through a “best practices” checklist
  • Habits all long-term, successful traders have in common

Habits all perpetually losing traders have in common, and the cure

  • The background and evolution of Market Profile


Part 2

  • Market Profile Graph Analysis
  • Bar Chart Analysis
  • Auction Market VALUE
  • What indicators are telling us.
  • The Market Development process
  • How to filter timeframes to define the greatest reward to risk opportunities
  • You will learn where and when to trade (and why)
  • You will learn where and when NOT to trade (and why)


Part 3

  • What is Market Condition?
  • What is price-based trading?
  • Why is trading Market Condition essential?
  • The two phases of Market Development
  • The three-step market process
  • The Balance Area, yet profound implications for trading
  • Understanding two-sided trading and one-sided trading
  • Balance Areas and how to trade them
  • Volume: Horizontal scale and Vertical Scale


Part 4

  • How do short-term and long-term trade set-ups differ? How do you determine stop placement?
  • How do you determine trade targets?
  • How do you enter a trade?
  • How do you exit a trade.
  • How to develop consistency and objectivity.
  • How to filter your trades


Part 5

  • The balance between the percentage of winning trades and the ultimate goal of expectancy.
  • How to manage and build the smaller account
  • The quickest way to build the small account
  • How to add “alpha” to a large portfolio – this is addressing the need of the relatively high net worth individual who wants to generate a good return without the typical equity swings associated with futures trading


Part 6

  • Which are the best markets to day trade?
  • When to avoid trading a market, and why
  • Practical aspects of money management and trade management


What will you learn?

  • Set up and develop your trade plan that started to TEST, REFINE, EDIT, ADJUST, and TRADE
  • How to trade at any time and in any market with specific strategies and tactics
  • Know logical and objective market development to execute your trade plan


Who is this course for?

New Foundations for Auction Market Trading creates a solid trading platform for any level, spreading knowledge from basic to advanced for stock trading and futures trading.



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