Michael Jenkins – The Geometry of Stock Market Profits

The Geometry of Stock Market Profits by Michael Jenkins provides many professional analysis tools and techniques, typically Gann Squares.

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Course overview

The Geometry of Stock Market Profits is about Jenkins’ proprietary techniques, with major emphasis on cycle analysis, how he views and uses the methods of W. D. Gann, and the geometry of time and price.

Course outline

  • Which angles are important and how to draw them correctly
  • How professional traders think and the types of strategies they use day to day
  • How to place stops correctly.
  • How to construct and use Gann Squares for analysis and forecasting of individual stocks and commodities
  • How long the basic trend can be expected to last
  • When and where to buy and well
  • How to utilize Gann angles and methods that predict exact turning points with high probability
  • The numerological interrelationships of price and time forecasting
  • 10 trading tips to make you rich


What will you learn?

  • How to set usage points correctly
  • Chart reading for professional traders
  • How to use Gann Squares’ trading methods
  • Know how to accurately predict the duration of a trend

Who is the course for?

The method is suitable for stock traders from novice to professional traders.



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