Best Of Livestock – Timothy Sykes

The Best of Livestock by Timothy Sykes walks you through practical stock trading techniques and strategies for techniques through real trading experiences and valuable tips. 

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Timothy Sykes
MS Stock Trading

Course overview

A multi-disc DVD package featuring the 8 best hours of 100+ hours of LiveStock which Timothy has filmed over the past 1.5 years, organizing his sometimes-scatter brain commentary while highlighting 60 of the most important lessons, chart patterns, trading setups and of course my notorious rants for your learning and entertainment pleasure. The multi-disc set is accompanied by a 100-page instruction manual.


Course outline

  • ARNA
  • MECA
  • IDAE
  • SIL
  • MKTY
  • SQNM and SHFL
  • PTEK
  • PDO
  • NPHC
  • SCLN
  • GWSC
  • USCN and UOMO
  • COT
  • ETFC
  • MIC
  • Trading tips
  • Rants
  • Frequently Asked Questions


What will you learn?

  • Charts and the meanings behind market movements.
  • Practical strategies and techniques for consistent profitability and low risks.
  • Real case studies and examples.
  • Insightful tips for more profits and lower risks per stock investment.


Who is this course for?

The course is for every stock trader who wants to learn from a real expert.



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