How to Make Money in the Futures Market … and Lots of It – Charles Drummond

How to Make Money in the Futures Market and … Lots of It by Charles Drummond aids you to make up Futures Trading knowledge ultimately.

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Course Overview

How to Make Money in the Futures Market and … Lots of It is designed to provide the Author’s opinion on the subject in question. It is sold with an undertaking that the Author is not engaged in the provision of legal, accounting, or other professional services.


Course Outline

A: Commodity Futures Game Who Wins, Who losses, Why!

B: Commodity Trading Manual

C: Charting Commodity Market Price Behavior

D: Economics off Futures Trading for Commercial and Personal Profit

E: Forecasting Commodity Prices – How the Experts Analyze the Market

F: Dow-Jones Irwin Guide to Commodity Trading

G: Getting Rich in Commodities, Currencies or Coins, before or during the Next Depression

H: How I Made One Million Dollars Last Year Trading Commodities

I: Making Money in Commodities

J: Modern Commodity Futures Trading

K: Sensible Speculating in Commodities or How to Profit in the Bellies, Bushels & Bales Market

L: Speculation, Hedging & Commodity Price Forecasts

M: Successful Commodity Futures Trading or How You Can Make Money in Commodity Markets

N: The Commodity Futures Market Guide

O: The Fastest Game in Town – Trading Commodity Futures

P: Trading in Commodities – An Investor’s Chronicle Guide


What will you learn?

  • Knowledge and techniques for efficient commodity trading
  • Dow-Jones Irwin’s Commodity Trading Guide
  • How to correctly predict prices and profit in the Bellies, Bushels & Bales Market
  • How to make Money in Commodities


Who is this course for?

How to Make Money in the Futures Market … and Lots of It Course is for traders who already know what a futures contract is, what a “fill” is, and so forth.



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