Lessons 1-30 & Tradestation Code – Charles Drummond

Flow describes how all of life moves in a cyclical or wave-like manner. By discovering the flow’s underlying form through visualization, traders can then monitor the market’s flow and utilize that information for profit.

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Lessons 1-30 & Tradestation Code by Charles Drummond Description

This one-of-a-kind method of market analysis has been meticulously planned. The approaches have been tested by traders on five continents over several decades and have been deployed in many different markets using various trading styles and timeframes, from intra-day to multi-year trades. Drummond’s books and the P&L School’s present work feature a number of trading plans with remarkable pro-forma track records, and the methodology’s profitability and efficacy have been testified to by a number of successful traders.


Drummond Geometry’s core parts are a blend of the three fundamental kinds of trading instruments and techniques:

  • A series of moving averages for the short term
  • Trendlines for the short term
  • Overlays of many time periods


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