IncomeMax Spreads – Hari Swaminathan – OPTIONTIGER

IncomeMax Spreads by Hari Swaminathan of OPTIONTIGER shows you that the winning odds are yours to grab as long as you adapt and manage risk.

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Hari Swaminathan, OptionTiger
MS Options Trading

Course Overview

Options, unlike stocks, are not a roll of the dice. They are 100% pure strategy, like Chess. Strategize, plan, attack, and defend (Managing Risk). That is what IncomeMax Spreads by Hari Swaminathan of OPTIONTIGER is going to teach you. Predicting price movement is fool’s gold, and with options, we don’t have to. We manage risk, with Option Greeks and a strong grasp of Probability.


If there’s one CRITICAL factor in options trading, it is the Art of Adjustments and Trade Management. Our secret sauce, the course will cover it also, The OptionTiger methodology is designed to work in all market cycles. Options are mathematical, and they will never change, it’s a lifelong skill


Course Outline

  • IncomeMAX Spreads Class 1 of 3.mp4
  • IncomeMAX Spreads Class 2 of 3.mp4
  • IncomeMAX Spreads Class 3 of 3.mp4
  • IncomeMAX Straddle Class 1 of 2.mp4
  • IncomeMAX Straddle Class 2 of 2.mp4


What Will You Learn?

  • Developing proprietary trading strategies
  • Insightful information on the most important issues in financial markets
  • How to apply what has been learned in all financial markets, especially the options market
  • Risk management while keeping profit at its maximum potential


Who is This Course For?

IncomeMax Spreads by Hari Swaminathan of OPTIONTIGER is a masterclass of options trading that pushes the knowledge of advanced traders even further.



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