Forex and Candlesticks Frontline Forex – Candlestick Trading

This Forex and Candlesticks Frontline Forex by Candlestick Trading will help you achieve amazing new heights in your trading and investing.

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Course Overview

It’s an excellent approach for any trader to start from where they are now and develop the abilities and information needed to become a candlestick master. You will acquire confidence in knowing that you are appropriately employing candlesticks to attain outstanding timing when entering and leaving any market in any time frame.

Forex and Candlesticks Frontline Forex – Candlestick Trading can take you from the beginning to an expert level in using Nison Candlesticks with Forex… candlestick training the RIGHT way.

Course Outline

  • Module 1 – Essentials of Nison Candles and Single Candle Lines
  • Module 2 – Double and Triple Candle Lines
  • Module 3 – Essentials of Western Technicals and Trade Management, Plus Intraday Candles
  • Module 4 – Steve Nison’s Forex Trading Lab
  • Module 5 – Essentials of East + West, Part 1
  • Module 6 – Essentials of East + West, Part 2
  • Module 7 – Essentials of East + West, Part 3
  • Module 8 – Trade Management Essentials
  • Module 9 – Advanced Doji and Price Confirmation
  • Module 10 – Advanced Single and Blended Candlestick Lines
  • Module 11 – Advanced Bull Double Candlestick Lines
  • Module 12 – Advanced Bear Double Candlestick Lines and Advanced Window
  • Module 13 – Advanced East + West, Part 1
  • Module 14 – Advanced East + West, Part 2
  • Module 15 – Advanced Trade Management

What Will You Learn?

  • The hierarchy of power for each candlestick signal, so you’ll know whether a hanging man pattern is more powerful than an engulfing pattern – and how that information may multiply your winnings.
  • determining which candlestick patterns provide you the most chance of success
  • When it is best to overlook candlestick patterns
  • If simply candlesticks and no other indicators can be used to trade profitably,
  • How to properly categorize patterns so you may utilize them more effectively in the correct context
  • Learn how to spot pattern confirmations with better precision for safer, more lucrative transactions.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Anyone who wants to become the best trader.
  • Anyone who wants to be market makers, institutional traders and professional hedge fund and money managers.

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