Day Trading Course 2018 – Fibs Don’t Lie

With this course, online learners may start their trading career on the right foot by understanding the mathematical underpinnings of the FDL system’s 85% average success rate.

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Course overview

With the Day Trading Course 2018 by Fibs Don’t Lie, online learners can begin their trading career on the right foot by learning the mathematical foundations behind the FDL system’s 85 percent average success rate.

The entire course is intended to take you from point A to point Z, with point A being where you are today and point Z being a full-time income from trading. You’ll learn all you need to know throughout the main course, but it will need practice. As a result, after completing your course, you will have the option to participate in our 90-day challenge.

Course outline

The detail content of the Day Trading Course 2018 by Fibs Don’t Lie includes the flow of content:

  • Know what you are looking for
  • Money Management
  • Timeframes
  • Fibs Don’t Lie Recipe
  • Fibs Don’t Lie 2.0
  • Indicators and Tools
  • Lifestyle and Habits
  • 30-day Challenge
  • Documents
  • Add-on Videos
  • Weekly Recap

What will you learn?

The Day Trading Course 2018 by Fibs Don’t Lie shows you exactly the significant values below:

  • Discover a dependable method for profiting in any market.
  • Discover how to arrange your charts and detect patterns.
  • Discover the dos and don’ts of fibonacci tool placement.
  • Learn the method that has an 85% success record in any market – stocks, futures, FX, or cryptocurrency.

Who is this course for?

The Day Trading Course 2018 by Fibs Don’t Lie is tailored for:

  • Those who are interested in one-size-fits-all trading.
  • Those who are focusing on the fibonacci tool placement for their trading.
  • Those who need a course which includes daily challenges to better track the course quality.

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