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Defending Options by Simpler Options illuminates tried-and-true options trading strategies and techniques through vivid charts and real case studies for practical understanding.

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Simpler Options
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Course Overview

Options trading has been known for its high profitability and high volatility. As a result, you should learn the best practices of risk management along with how to develop viable trading strategies. Defending Options by Simpler Options addresses many aspects of options trading, such as trading techniques, setups, tools, psychology, and so on.

It can help you decode the intricacies of options trading techniques and strategies, and the important roles of risk management to support your long-term trading. Detailed instructions on effective technical analysis and how to get the optimal timing of trade activities are shared in the course. The illustrated case studies that this course shows can help you achieve practical insights. You can learn the tried-and-true methods through the lens of reality.

Course Outline

  • How to use the Greeks to Manage Risk
  • Using Standard Deviations to Defend Trades
  • When to use directional trades as Defense
  • Psychological factors that can make or break you when a trade goes wrong
  • Money management tips to help keep you flexible in your trading
  • How to maximize your defense at the crucial time
  • Real life examples of trades
  • Easy way to defend trades
  • When to wait for a trigger and when to step in front of key levels
  • How to protect your account when stuck in an in the money option after expiration
  • How to trade high short interest stocks

What Will You Learn?

  • The best practices of using the Greeks for effective risk management.
  • How to apply Standard Deviations to save your trades from risks or unfavorable market moves.
  • Deep dives into psychological factors that can destroy all the efforts and time of trading strategy development.
  • How to project the upcoming market trends with high accuracy.
  • The best tips for money management for high flexibility in the way you trade for higher earnings and lower risk-taking levels.
  • How to enhance your defense at the right time to get your trades out of danger in the trading market.
  • Detailed instructions are combined with the illustrations of case studies and examples for practical insights.
  • How to decipher trades and strategies for high profitability and low costs.
  • How to get the right timing of market entries/exits and trade starts/stops for optimal risk/reward ratios.
  • How to defend your trading account when it is stuck in the money option after expiration.
  • The best practices of trading high short-interest stocks.
  • And so much more!

Who Is This Course For?

It is suitable for options traders who want to protect the profitability of their options trading through data-driven insights by effective analysis techniques.



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