Channel Surfing Video Course – Michael Parsons

Channel Surfing Video Course by Michael Parsons explains the reversal dynamics – an easy way to determine in advance when the price will change direction.

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Michael Parsons, Reversal Magic
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Course Overview

Even with advanced knowledge of forex trading, traders still need great money management and an effective way to monitor trades in order to succeed. That is where Channel Surfing Video Course by Michael Parsons proves its incredibly high value. Channel Surfing is a powerful method of trading that may not predict market action but works so well that you may actually believe that it does.


All methods and techniques in the Channel Surfing Video Course are developed by Michael Parsons himself. Each method has been extensively tested and is used by traders around the globe.


Course Outline

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  • ch2.flv
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  • ch4.flv
  • ch`5.flv
  • ch6.flv
  • Channel Surfing.pdf
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What Will You Learn?

  • Utilizing channels with Channel Surfing with new and specific rules, making the method unique and more effective
  • How to use Channel Surfing in conjunction with Reversal Dynamics and Balance Dynamics
  • Trade management to improve the odds of success
  • Certain market conditions where the method may be ineffective


Who is This Course For?

Channel Surfing Video Course by Michael Parsons makes it so easy for every trader to understand the concept of Channel Surfing and its important role in their trading accounts.



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