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USDX Trading Course by MTI allows you to do forex trading with confidence, whether it is the US Dollar or even multiple currencies at the same time.

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Course Overview

The US Dollar Index, also known as USDX, measures the USD’s value compared to multiple foreign currencies. USDX Trading Course by MTI has developed a unique way to apply this index to forex trading, giving you the potential to boost your trading confidence when trading the USD!


You’ll learn to better predict market direction and identify optimal entry and exit points while increasing your pip-capturing consistency. The rest of what you need to know is made simple in MTI’s NEW! USDX Trading Course!


Course Outline

  • The three trading strategies used by the Chief™
  • Online instruction and education from the FX Chief™ himself
  • A detailed manual of instructions, rules, and checklists for on-the-go learning
  • A recorded version of the class to review at your convenience


What Will You Learn?

  • What the Dollar Index (USDX) is
  • The basket of currencies in the USDX
  • How to trade the USDX with3 key trading strategies on multiple time frames
  • How to trade 4-6 currencies at one time


Who is This Course For?

USDX Trading Course by MTI is perfect for beginner traders who want to hone their skills in forex trading, especially when it comes to the US Dollar.



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