ChampionTrader – Shiraz A.Lakhi

ChampionTrader by Shiraz A.Lakhi walks you through effective techniques and strategies for higher profits and lower risks regardless of how volatile the market is.

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Book Overview

ChampionTrader by Shiraz A.Lakhi shares the proven 4-step strategy of a mastermind. The detailed process of profiting from big short-term trading opportunities is what you will get in the book.

Book Outline

  • Opening Discussions
    • Introducing Champion Trader
    • The Objectives of Champion Trader
    • How to Use Champion trader
    • A Complete Briefing
  • Section 1
    • Blue-Chip Stocks and Indexes
    • Why Blue Chip Stocks?
    • The Stock Market Index – How It Works
    • What Makes the Index Move
    • Complete Symbols List
  • Section 2
    • Trading the Blue Chip Stocks
    • Margined Stock Trading
    • Trading Single Stock Futures
    • Trading the CFD
    • Spread TRading
    • Trading the Major Indexes
    • Index Futures & E-Mini’s
  • Section 3
    • Introducing the CT-Formula
    • Key Reminder of Objectives
    • Charts and Raw Data
    • Using
    • The Formula – Step-by-Step
    • Trading UP Markets
    • Trading DOWN Markets
    • Putting It All Together
  • Section 4
    • Practical Risk Management Techniques
    • Knowing When to Sell/Take Profits
    • Integrating Risk and Money Management
  • Section 5
    • Market Sensitivity
    • Intellectuals, Fools and Ego’s
    • Market Corrections
    • Contradictory Reactions to Shocks
    • Why Analyzing Shocks Have No Value
    • Market Sensitivity
    • A Basic Lesson in Supply and Demand
    • Mass Crowd/Investor Psychology
    • Quick Summary of Market Sensitivity
    • Market Booms
    • Market Busts
  • Section 6
    • Thinking Long Term
    • The Index Markets and Improved Future Confidence
    • Introducing Innovation and Efficiency
    • Quick Summary
  • Section 7
    • Putting It All Together
    • Stock Brokers
    • Financial Information around the Clock
    • Closing Words

What Will You Learn?

  • All-around guide to help you gain success in trading.
  • Tried-and-true strategies and tactics for higher profits and lower risks.
  • Risk management techniques to downsize the risks you undertake.
  • How to gain profits from short-term trades.
  • Exploring the mindset of a successful trader through dedication, discipline, attitude, etc.

Who Is This Book For?

The course is great for traders who want to earn profits from short-term trades.



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