Carter 2014 Vegas Seminar (Oct 2014) – Simpler Options

Carter 2014 Vegas Seminar (Oct 2014) by Simpler Options sheds light on the process of strategy development and application through instructions and case studies.

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Simpler Options
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Course Overview

Carter 2014 Vegas Seminar (Oct 2014) by Simpler Options is the most comprehensive on trading Options in the market today. In the past year, the volatility in all markets has grown exponentially. Because of these dynamics, the Simpler Options Trading Seminar couldn’t have been introduced at a better time.

Course Outline

  • Trading Plan and Market Psychology
  • Directional and Swing Trading
  • ETF and Option Trading

What Will You Learn?

  • Fine tune and build a trading plan that works with Your psychology and personality as a trader. Are you trading the right market and contract size that fits your personality and risk tolerance?
  • Learn how to scale in and out of positions while decreasing your risk, and setting yourself up for those runners that will make your month. Hint — these runners don’t happen in the markets you might think.
  • The rapid release of ETFs has led to multiple inefficiencies in the market. For example, have you traded SDS and ES together? If not, you are missing out on an extremely high probability trade.

Who Is This Course For?

The course will be a great help for options traders who can be novice or experienced.



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