Balance Dynamics Video Course – Michael Parsons

Balance Dynamics Video Course by Michael Parsons provides a highly visual tool that is every trader’s dream, based on a geometric wave principle.

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Michael Parsons, Reversal Magic
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Course Overview

Forex trading methods and techniques provided by Balance Dynamics Video Course by Michael Parsons are based on the geometry of the market. Each method has been extensively tested and is used by traders around the globe. Reversal Dynamics and Balance Dynamics are very unique and have no relation to Fibonacci, Gann, astrology, or practically anything else that most have encountered.


With the Balance Dynamics Video Course, Michael Parsons continues his legacy of teaching traders to analyze and trade the markets, even after nearly a decade. His commitment has always been irreplaceable to our students and their success. As a student, you are his priority. With his innovative and advanced approach to trading, you will soon meet the very best opportunity for success.


Course Outline

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  • db2.flv
  • db3.flv
  • db4.flv
  • db5.flv
  • db6.flv
  • db7.flv
  • information.txt


What Will You Learn?

  • Using balance dynamics to see in advance where the price will go before it even begins its move
  • Combining balance dynamics and reversal dynamics for even better results
  • Specific rules that make the method unique and very effective
  • Trade management to improve the odds of success


Who is This Course For?

Balance Dynamics Video Course by Michael Parsons simplifies advanced forex trading techniques and methods so that every trader can easily understand.



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