Education Package – Trade Guider

Education Package – Trade Guider is a package of 31 trading courses that you need for higher profitability in Forex Trading.

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Trade Guider
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Course overview

Education Package – Trade Guider is the best bang for your buck. With 31 trading courses, you can master your technical and mental skills to trade Forex like a pro.

This course is designed for Forex Trading.

Course Outline

  • TradeGuider – Building Trader Confidence & Minimizing Fear, $295
  • TradeGuider – Create Your VSA Trading Plan, $297
  • TradeGuider – Forex Trading Masterclass
  • TradeGuider – Point and Figure Mentor Ship Course
  • TradeGuider – The Three Ws
  • TradeGuider – The Tradeguider Foundations Course
  • TradeGuider – Trading in The Shadow of the Smart Money
  • TradeGuider – Trading the Commodity Markets Using VSA
  • TradeGuider – Advanced Masters Class
  • TradeGuider – Archived Customer Only Events for 2008 & 2007
  • TradeGuider – Basic Trading Guide
  • TradeGuider – Best of Wyckoff. Wyckoff Rediscovered Conference 2010 (Video & Manuals 2.12 GB)
  • TradeGuider – Chart Reading Masters Class
  • TradeGuider – Chart Reading Masters Class 2010 Version
  • TradeGuider – Euro Symposium 2010 (Video & Manuals 577 MB)
  • TradeGuider – Home Study CD
  • TradeGuider – Primer
  • TradeGuider – Professional Chart Reading Bootcamp Course
  • TradeGuider – RT Getting Started Manual
  • TradeGuider – VSA Club Webinars & Daily Updates
  • TradeGuider – VSA London Symposium
  • TradeGuider – VSA London Symposium (Videos & Manuals 1.8 GB)
  • David Lerman – Finding High Probability Low Risk Setups Trading the E-mini (Video 65 MB)
  • Gavin Holmes – An Interview with Tom Williams. How to Read Chart Like a Pro Using VSA
  • Gavin Holmes –  Forex Trading with VSA
  • Gavin Holmes – Understanding the Psychology of Trading Against the Herd
  • Gavin Holmes – 3 Dimential Trading with VSA
  • Richard Didlock – Moving Yourself Up
  • Sebastian Manby – 2 Day Advanced Chart Reading Workshop (Video 1.47 GB)
  • Tom Williams – Mastering the Matkets
  • Tom Williams – The Undeclared Secrets that Drive the Markets (Video & Book)


What will you learn?

  • How to read charts using VSA
  • How to find high probability low-risk setups trading the E-mini
  • How to create your VSA trading plan
  • How to gain confidence and minimize fear
  • How to understand the psychology of trading against the herd
  • And many more!

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for anyone who is a fan of Trade Guider as they can get all the courses at a really good price.



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