Art of Yen Course (Feb 2014) – MTI

The Art of Yen by MTI pushes your forex trading learning potential to the limits with clear guidance and practical real-life trading case studies.

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Course Overview

Remember the amazing results from students trading the USDX and how they amplified their forex trading potential. Well now, the FX Chief™ has moved that powerful concept of basket trading to the Japanese yen with the Art of Yen course in a way that could help you septuple your yen trading ability.

Using the four strategies and two customizable systems developed and used by Jared himself, you’ll learn time-tested tools for trading yen crosses like “A Master Yen Warrior” (in Jared’s words, of course!).

Course Outline

  • The four trading strategies used by the FX Chief™ and MTI’s analysts
  • Online instruction and education from the FX Chief™ himself
  • A detailed manual of instructions, rules, and checklists for on-the-go learning
  • A Recorded version of the class to review at your convenience

What Will You Learn?

  • How to trade the Japanese yen with 4 key trading strategies on multiple time frames
  • How to trade up to seven currency pairs at one time
  • How to discover your equity management
  • How to protect your trades using purposeful stops and limits using Art of Yen strategies developed and used by Jared himself

Who is This Course For?

The art of Yen Course by MTI is designed for students who want to enhance their forex trading skills, especially regarding the Japanese Yen.



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