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Asia Forex Mentor Academy’s AFM Proprietary One Core Program is designed for traders of all levels who want to improve their abilities and become more lucrative.

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Course Overview

AFM Proprietary, this is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive and powerful trading program ever made. This is meant for professionals in the trading sector to utilize. It is the way that Ezekiel Chew teaches banks, and it is the same strategy that he uses to generate six figures on every transaction while living a stress-free lifestyle from the comfort of his own home. The AFM Proprietary One Core Program is one in which Ezekiel Chew devotes his time and energy into creating something that will last for many generations. And perhaps it will be remembered as an industry classic in 40 years.

It takes time, patience, and determination to master a skill like stock market trading. To succeed, you must be entirely committed to mastering this skill. If you are successful, you will have learned a useful money-making skill that you may pass on to your children and grandkids. A skill that can feed you and your family for the rest of your life. This is the essence of the Asia Forex Mentor Academy’s AFM Proprietary One Core Program. These teachings incorporate all of Ezekiel Chew’s sweat and tears from his successes and disappointments over the last two decades.

Course outline

  • Part 1: Intro
  • Part 2: MT4 Setup
  • Part 3: Forex and MT4 Basics
  • Part 4: Price Action
  • Part 5: Entries, Stoploss and Exits
  • Part 6: Business Behind Trading
  • Part 7: Chart Reading
  • Part 8: Strategies Overview
  • Part 9: Strategies – Buying at Highs | Breakout
  • Part 10: Strategies – Reversals
  • Part 11: Strategies – Price Action Patterns
  • Part 12: Strategies – Top Down Approach
  • Part 13: Road to Millions Formula
  • Part 14: Trade Management Methods
  • Part 15: Correlated Pairs
  • Part 16: Fundamental Analysis
  • Part 17: Advanced Methods
  • Part 18: Spread
  • Part 19: AFM Proprietary Point Calculation System
  • Part 20: Lifestyle Trading
  • Part 21: Proprietary Trading Plan (100 Trades Blueprint)
  • Part 22: Trading Psychology
  • Part 23: 1 Full Year of “Live Trading”
  • Part 24: Tracking (20 Trades Set)
  • Part 25: Plan Forward – Roadmap to Success

What will you learn?

  • All of his one-of-a-kind tactics and instruments, which he uses to accomplish success.
  • Their attitude, execution methods, exit plans, and all in between.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to:

  • Full-time traders who began the program with no trading experience.
  • Some moved on to work as investment managers.

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  1. Sep 13 2022 10:09
    Avatar of Andy Hill
    Andy Hill
    5 out of 5

    Andy Hill (verified owner)

    Exceptionally valuable and satisfying Outstanding product I’m excited to learn more about Asia Forex Mentor Academy.

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