Advanced FIBS DON’T LIE Course – Fibsdontlie

Advanced FIBS DON’T LIE Course by Fibsdontlie shares the best practices and the underlying principles behind profitable day trading strategies.

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Course Overview

Advanced FIBS DON’T LIE Course by Fibsdontlie walks you through advanced concepts of day trading for higher returns and lower risks. It offers an ample chance to level up your trading skills and technical analysis. As a result, you can pinpoint the next market trends for viable strategy development.


Course Outline

  • Documents
    • Trading Log
    • (Examples) EMA Cross & First Bounce
    • (Examples) Regular Fibs
    • (Examples) Fib Layout Break
    • (Examples) Ripple Effect
  • Overall Market Environment
  • Main Fib Setups
    • Main Fib Setups
    • 1M Scalps (US30)
  • Tide Shift Pattern
  • Legs/Market Structure
    • Legs/Market Structure10:31
    • Supply & Demand28:00
  • Devils Advocate
  • 50% Rule
  • Account Management and Growth
  • Journaling and Psychology


What Will You Learn?

  • Decoding the patterns of price actions for accurate market forecasts.
  • The best practices of day trading frameworks for consistent profitability.
  • The underlying principles behind the effective technical analysis.
  • How to enhance the effectiveness of chart reading and insight collection for better strategy development and risk management.


Who Is This Course For?

The course is a great help for day traders no matter how long they have traded. The basic concepts are cleverly blended with practical examples and case studies. So, you can maintain stable profit growth rates!


Joe Pena

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