Learning the SMB DNA of Successful Trading: A Comprehensive Review
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SMB Capital is a private trading desk based in New York City that founded SMB Training to help budding traders become consistently profitable by following setups they devised that give them an edge in the markets. SMB’s partners comprise two very accomplished and experienced traders with over 30 years of combined expertise.

SMB Capital, their PnL trading desk, was developed by focusing on educating new traders. One of their popular training programs is The SMB DNA of Successful Trading. We’ll take a closer look at the whole training program to see if it’s an optimal solution for self-learning trading.

1. What is the SMB DNA of Successful Trading?

The main goal of the SMB DNA of Successful Trading program is to advise students as they become expert traders. 

The founding partners of SMB think that a systematic mentorship program focusing on “skill development” is essential, but most mentoring programs only give a series of technical setups, which is insufficient to build consistently winning traders. Hence, they position traders to compete in the market by explicitly defining the set of abilities that must be cultivated.

Key Takeaways:

From this point, we can understand that:

  • The SMB DNA of Successful Trading is targeted for people who have some trading experience or have dabbled in the market.
  • Also, this program is suitable for those who lacked the essential trading skills, even though they have traded before with a ready trading setups.

2. In what ways does the SMB DNA of Successful Trading benefit traders?

First, let’s take a look into the program outline to know what you will learn:

Module 1: Stock Selection and Game Plan 

Module 2: The Seven Fundamentals of One Good Trade 

Module 3: Risk Management 

Module 4: The SMB PlayBook 

Module 5: Trade Review

Module 6: Best Trades To Develop 

Module 7: Price Action Analysis

Module 8: Trading Psychology 

Module 9: PlayBook Trades 

Module 10: The Report Card

Module 11: Trading Consistency

Module 12: Sizing 

Module 13: Trading a Live Account

Module 14: Reading the Tape examples

Bonus: Ten Lessons From The Trading Desk 

Bonus II: Six Essential Trading Lessons from Top Traders You Need to Learn

Bonus III: Automated Trading with Andrew Falde

Key Takeaways:

From the outline above, the SMB DNA of Successful Trading program can lead us to:

Skills to pick stock: Choosing the best stocks for traders entails separating the current market trend from any surrounding noise and then profiting on that trend.

Skills to recognize a potentially good trade for traders: Trading involves a lot of arithmetic, but it is portrayed through charts using indicators and patterns from technical analysis. As a result, traders must improve their analytical abilities in order to spot patterns and trends in charts.

Skills to manage the trading risks: Many traders consider trading as a way to gain money, but the risk of loss is sometimes disregarded. A trader can mitigate the negative impacts of a lost deal by executing a risk management technique when the market goes in the other direction.

Skills to analyze the price action: Instead of depending entirely on technical indicators, price action trading allows a trader to read the market and make subjective trading decisions based on recent and present price moves.

Ability to deal with emotional situations: Trading psychology refers to the different components of a person’s personality and habits that impact their trading decisions. Trading psychology can be just as essential as information, experience, and competence in deciding trading success.

Skills to be consistent in trading: Trading consistency works as a stimulus for effective trading since it eliminates the trader’s emotional impact. A consistent trading technique may be achieved in a variety of ways. Among the most crucial are planning ahead of time, risk management, and recording daily activities and price swings.

3. What You Will Gain from the SMB DNA of Successful Trading program?

Included are the eight essential themes from SMB Foundation that we utilize to teach our NYC desk. These are the eight themes we’ve discovered to have the biggest influence on their degree of performance while trading firm money.

Lectures, worksheets and videos are used to teach lessons. Students may study at their own speed and ask questions during the process.

The basis for skill development is founded on the pillars of building a daily routine, internalizing the DNA of One Good Trade, and transforming your burning desire into disciplined peak performance. 

The program then progresses to studying the fundamental distinction between our unique idea generator “Stocks In Play” and merely scanning charts to identify ideas. 

Trade analysis skills: Structured instruction for assessing your performance and how to keep a decent trading log are a vital element of the ten weeks. To prepare oneself for improvement, it is critical to take action, learn, and document your outcomes.

The Playbook for SMBs: Each trader has unique resources. Capital, experience, time, learning ability, and information processing capacity In this session, we explain our setup playbook and teach you how to select those that are appropriate for your level of experience. The module will start to produce skill development results.

Risk administration skills. Believing in and internalizing the discipline of risk management is an important skill to apply to any transaction. The ability to implement the Risk Management courses, videos, and mentorship will determine your success or failure. It is not difficult to generate money when everything “lines up,” but it is difficult to maintain it when it does not and you have inadequate risk management. This section of the course keeps you in the game.

Technical evaluation skills. There is profitable chart reading and unprofitable chart reading. In this session, we cover the fundamentals for newcomers before moving on to how to discover the price levels and patterns that genuinely matter.

Finally, the concepts of top performance are woven throughout the whole curriculum. The difference between a weekend athlete and a professional trader is between the ears.

4. What Do Other Learners Say About the SMB DNA course review Program?

Let’s see what the previous learners said about this smb trading course review program:

The course is great. Novice traders receive a very good introduction to the ropes of modern-day trading and trading veterans can sharpen and update their trading skills.

Yassan M. from Canada

An incredible experience! I am approaching my trades with unrecognizable depth and professionalism. Focusing on structure, challenging improvement everyday and building a playbook are leading me to become my very best trader. Mike and Steve are inspirational traders and educators.

James C. from Manhattan, New York

It amazes me what can be learned in two months with professional traders by your side. Individual traders will never achieve the same doing it on their own …EVER ! Thank you for creating such a great training program for those who strive to be successful.

Jaroslav V. from Australia

When I started the DNA program, I was struggling with my trading, making some money, losing some money, overall flattish. The DNA program taught us a solid methodology in order to 1. become consistently profitable 2. become as good as we can be Don’t expect to be spoon fed though: a LOT depends on you. That’s why I think this program is more adapted for traders who have already struggled with the markets for a while. Complete beginners should rather subscribe to the “SMB DNA of Successful Trading” program. It’s a bit too early to say I am consistently profitable now, but at least, I know that I am on the right path.

Regis M. from France

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