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William Parker’s Story

Almost every trader can relate to William’s trading journey, partly or fully. Like many of us, William was a trader wannabe caught in the dilemma of quitting or not quitting his 9 to 5 job to pursue trading full time. Only when the pressure of supporting his family got lighter, did William dare to get out of his comfort zone for his lifetime passion: trading. “Isn’t life too meaningless if all we got to do is to pay the bills?” That question urged William to stop sacrificing and start trading. 

William Parker - Library of Trader
William Parker – Library of Trader

Like any other novice trader, William won occasionally and lost frequently. What set him apart from the average is that he quickly realized trading without knowledge and techniques is nothing more than gambling. And the best investment should be investing in oneself. With like-minded traders, William founded the Library of Trader (formerly known as BestForexStore) to develop a community for traders to find useful courses at a low cost as well as exchange experience and knowledge related to trading.

With many years of experience running the Library of Trader, William has come across thousands of traders with different backgrounds, different life stories, and different trading journeys. Some of them rose to fame and made millions, some had to spend their very last pennies to trade in the fragile hope of turning the tables and almost quit after a few losses. William sees himself in their stories and he understands how much they struggle for a better life, exactly as what he did years ago. Each course listed on the Library of Trader and each blog written on the site are meant for the core value William works towards: the value of sharing and growing together. 

Trading is not gambling. Trading requires in-depth knowledge of the markets, necessary mental and technical skills, and the right tools. William’s blogs are only suitable for those who already know this basic principle of trading. As long as you put in the effort to improve yourself, trading can change your life in the same way it did to William.

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