Winning Stock Selection Simplified (Vol I, II & III) – Peter Worden

Winning Stock Selection Simplified by Peter Worden holds the secrets and insights from more than 20 years spent in the markets.

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Peter Worden
MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

In Winning Stock Selection Simplified, Peter Worden distills a two-decade worth of technical analysis experience into a simple 30-minute routine – one you can easily make a part of your own daily practice. But even Peter admits that you have to get your hands on lots of individual stock charts. There is no getting around it. If you are afraid of hard work, this course simply is not for you.


If you are the type of person who always strives to better your skills, you will learn a lot! Don’t let the hard part scare you. Peter Worden doesn’t want you to mindlessly stare at hundreds of charts. That’s why he has developed his own techniques and come up with Winning Stock Selection Simplified – to maximize efficiency and save precious time.


Course Outline

  • Winning Stock Selection Simplified – Vol I
  • Winning Stock Selection Simplified – Vol II
  • Winning Stock Selection Simplified – Vol III


What Will You Learn?

  • A walk-through of Peter’s own personal routine for looking for candidates (using TSV and MS) and provides access to the sorting criteria he actually uses
  • How to use EasyScan to find Bulls or Bears. Peter shares the criteria he uses to narrow down lists of potential targets.
  • How to consolidate stocks you flag along the way into a personal watchlist.
  • How to interpret price behavior using Time Segmented Volume, MoneyStream, and Balance of Power.
  • And many more


Who is This Course For?

Winning Stock Selection Simplified (Vol I, II & III) by Peter Worden is designed to expand the knowledge of technical analysis for advanced traders.



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