How To Trade Options – Mark Messier and Tony Pelz

How To Trade Options by Mark Messier and Tony Pelz has everything you need to know about options trading and what is behind the mind of true traders.

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MS Options Trading

Course overview

How To Trade Options is created by Mark Messier and Tony Pelz – two scholars with an incredible reach of knowledge and amazing trading achievements and results when it comes to options trading. How To Trade Options is a DVD package that wraps a wide array of trading knowledge ranging from the essential fundamentals to advanced concepts, which makes it a perfect example of a comprehensive guide for all options traders.


Course outline

  • Introduction
  • Types of options
  • Terminology
  • Math
  • Risk
  • How to place an order
  • Pricing
  • Selling a call option
  • Stop loss
  • Greeks
  • Buying air Canada options
  • Selling air Canada options
  • Taking profit
  • Hedging
  • Buying Shopify
  • Selling Shopify
  • Technical analysis and options
  • Selling AAPL options
  • Selling premium
  • Selling the premium trade
  • Mindset
  • Trade risks


What will you learn?

  • Over 100 basic options explained in detail
  • Options trading concept, from basic to advanced
  • The essential glossary you need to know as a trader
  • Appropriate approaches for options trading strategies
  • The proper mindset of a trader
  • Risk management


Who is this course for?

How To Trade Options by Mark Messier and Tony Pelz cover the most basic knowledge of options trading, making it the perfect place for you to start as an options trader.



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