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War Room Psychology Package (Volume 1-4) by Trick Trades shares the step – by – step guidelines on the trading psychology to achieve the top – out profits.

War Room Psychology Package (Volume 1-4) by Trick Trades


Right starts lead to right ends, which begins with your mindset!


Of course, there is no right or wrong in terms of thinking. We all have the freedom of having different opinions about different things. However, there are also common traits that successful people have. War Room Psychology Package (Volume 1-4) by Trick Trades specifies the successful traits of trading mindset. You can spot the same personalities and ways of thinking among the profitable traders who can maintain the consistency of high earnings for years. They all apply the same techniques and strategies that you might have known, so why? The right timing is the popular answer. However, when taking the War Room Psychology Package (Volume 1-4) by Trick Trades, you can expand the frames of understanding when Pat Mitchell, your instructor and the founder of Trick Trades, walks you through the invention of right timing, the mindset. Moreover, the trading market loves to make things out of order with the sudden changes and reversals, etc. so consistency seems to be an impossible mission but your presence of mind can be the key. The War Room Psychology Package (Volume 1-4) by Trick Trades shares you how-tos. 


What does the War Room Psychology Package (Volume 1-4) by Trick Trades unfold?


  • War Room Psychology Vol. 1: getting to know the problems of trading that are caused and solved by the shift of your mind. 


There are many problems that you might face when trading. The first volume of this course series walks you through the top issues and the importance of presence of mind as well as the right trading psychology. 

  • War Room Psychology Vol. 2: your mind might be stronger than you have expected. 


Leveraging the insights and knowledge in the first volume, the War Room Psychology Vol. 2 walks you through the solutions to common problems that you might have encountered in day trading and intraday trading, such as the negative psychology, missing out on the good trades, how to deal with volatility, and so on. 


  • War Room Psychology Vol. 3: change the way you look at things, things you look at change. 


You learn about the misconception about micromanaging, perfection, timing as well as analysis, etc. These aspects are addressed with the detailed analysis for better illustration. The War Room Psychology Vo. 3 deep dives into many aspects that you might have encountered during the process of trading, and the illuminating insights and the viable possible solutions. 

  • War Room Psychology Vol. 4: the right ends with high profitability are waiting. 


As a finishing touch to the series of the War Room Psychology, the fourth volume sheds light on the effective methods and practical actions to overcome the hurdles made by your thoughts. The War Room Psychology Vol. 4 walks you through the thorough instructions on how to implement techniques to change your mindset and improve its strength to win higher profits with consistency. The insights into some issues and reality of trading, which insiders can only tell, are provided alongside the effective methods. 


Patrick Mitchell, The Man Behind the Success of Trick Trades


Pat Mitchell has been a professional day trader for years,  which can help him experience all kinds of trading situations. With the aid of such vast and abundant trading experience, Pat Mitchell has developed many strategies and tactics that are supportive to the profit earnings in the long – term run. Trick Trades is the body and soul of Pat Mitchell, which can provide you with the techniques and strategies as well as practices for a favourable trading mindset for higher profitability without undertaking high risks. 


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