Trading Tickers 2 – Tim Grittani

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Trading Tickers 2 by Tim Grittani clarifies practical strategies that Tim has applied to his trades. So, you can learn the best how-tos for optimal risk/reward ratios. Also, effective trading tools will be shown for your reference. 

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Tim Grittani
Day Trading

Course Overview

Trading Tickers 2 is the much-anticipated sequel to Tim Grittani’s very popular DVD Trading Tickers course. It concentrates on the concepts and methodologies revealed in the first course and specifics of what has transpired in previous years and how Tim has reacted to them.

When Tim Grittani launched his first trading course, it was met with a warm reception from the trading community. As it assisted many traders in achieving the stability and success they desired. We are happy to inform you that Tim’s second course is as qualified as his first course in every way.

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1: Tim Grittani’s trading success and his Golden Rule for loss minimization.
  • Chapter 2: Tim Grittani’s preferred brokers, software, and app tools.
  • Chapter 3: How to use tablets.
  • Chapter 4: An update on each approach in Trading Tickers, and seven real-world examples of how Tim has improved these methods over the years.
  • Chapter 5: How to fix a failing strategy by modifying its risk management and 7 live enterprises in line with those new laws.
  • Chapter 6: An entirely new technical strategy for nighttime business, including a detailed evaluation of the setup requirements.
  • Chapter 7: Tim’s chosen new “blueprint” and all pattern parameters.
  • Chapter 8: How Tim’s database supported him in executing his trade utilizing a well-known trading strategy.

What Will You Learn?

  • A closer look at Tim’s successful trading strategies.
  • Learning the best practices in his frameworks.
  • How Tim enhances his trades and fixes failing strategies.
  • Access to his daily checklists and blueprint to effectively manage his trading.
  • Powerful tools and indicators that ease the trading process.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is a great help for those who have learned Trading Tickers 1 to master the fundamentals.



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