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Holding back nothing, Trading by the Book by Joe Ross goes all out and gives extensively explicit information about the futures trading market.

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Course overview

Over 370 pages of challenging, yet rewarding insightful information, Trading by the Book by Joe Ross is jam-packed with tutorials, discussions, and practical illustrations besides the plain theories so that learners can have the most in-depth knowledge and perspective into the entire markets, especially the futures trading market.

Trading by the Book shows you how to conduct your trading plan on a regular basis. With appropriate easy-to-follow approaches, easy-to-understand demonstrations, and a great collection of charts, the course will surely transform you into a well-prepared trader capable of making professional-like decisions.


Course outline

Part I

  • Chapter 1 – My First Opportunity
  • Chapter 2 – Possibilities
  • Chapter 3 – Reactions to Range Breakout
  • Chapter 4 – Wheat Trading
  • Chapter 5 – Comments


Part II

  • Chapter 1 – Market Harmony
  • Chapter 2 – About Waves
  • Chapter 3 – Selecting a Market
  • Chapter 4 – Little Things Mean A Lot
  • Chapter 5 – The Offset Moving Average


Part III

  • Chapter 1 – Why Kick a Thorn Bush?
  • Chapter 2 – Defining an Established Trend
  • Chapter 3 – Market Symmetry
  • Chapter 4 – Oscillators
  • Chapter 5 – The Greatest Lesson


Part IV

  • Chapter 1 – The Daily Oscillator
  • Chapter 2 – A Refinement
  • Chapter 3 – Trading Gold for a Year with Three-Way Testing
  • Chapter 4 – The Anatomy of a Market


Part V

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – One-Two-Three Breakouts of a Trading Range
  • Chapter 2 – Trading from a Ledge
  • Chapter 3 – Trading Within a Trading Range
  • Chapter 4 – Channels
  • Chapter 5 – Selecting Trades


Part VI

  • Chapter 1 – Strategy and Considerations
  • Chapter 2 – The Business of Trading
  • Chapter 3 – Chart Perspective
  • Chapter 4 – A Year of Trading
  • Chapter 5 – Wrap-Up, Clarifications, and Comments
  • Chapter 6 – For You


What will you learn?

  • How professionals choose opportunities and make their decisions
  • Fibonacci techniques from the basics to complex advanced concepts: Market Symmetry, Oscillators, and the like
  • Trading breakouts of a range
  • Select the most appropriate markets for maximizing profitability
  • Understanding the smallest insightful information deducted from the movements of the market
  • What makes a market and which aspect has a potential impact on it
  • Trading from a ledge and trading within a viable range
  • Reading charts from a perspective of a professional trader
  • Proper strategies and other considerations before putting them into action


Who is this course for?

Trading by the Book by Joe Ross is an ambitious course jam-packed with an incredible amount of insightful information, which may be overwhelming to any trader that is not at an advanced level.


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