Delta Volume Analysis Trading Course – Fulcrum Trader

Delta Volume Analysis Trading Course by Fulcrum Trader presents the entire process and the best tips for profitable futures trading.

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Course Overview

Delta Volume Analysis Trading Course by Fulcrum Trader offers a brillant chance to deep dive into a professional futures trading process. There are many aspects that you can learn from this course, such as technical analysis, strategy development, tactic implementation, powerful tools, etc.


Course Outline

  • Principles of Delta Volume Analysis.
  • Cumulative Delta description, fundamentals, and applications.
  • Order flow bias and order flow transitions.
  • Three major trade setups: Delta Divergences with Price, Hidden Divergences, and the Commercial player’s grab for resting inventory.
  • An answer to ‘How do you know the double bottom or double top will break out or return to the mean?”
  • How to spot supply and demand imbalance trade opportunities.
  • Delta Zones of resting inventory.
  • The intraday tracking of newly formed and existing Delta Zones of resting inventory.
  • Price “reactivity” and price “rotations” at Delta Zones of support and resistance.
  • Delta Zones of support and resistance.
  • Auction Market concepts as applied to Delta-based futures trading
  • Why do markets frequently trade back and forth between the zones of resting inventory?
  • Applications of Cumulative Delta for trade set-up and entry
  • Recorded live market trading set-ups explained while using the powerful Cumulative Delta Volume study.
  • Live market Delta-based trade management and trailing stop techniques.
  • Examples of how traders can enter both counter-trend and trend-following intraday trades.
  • Setting up the Investor/RT – MarketDelta – Ninja Trader cumulative delta volume study with DTNIQ feed on your computer.


What Will You Learn?

  • Building your confidence in futures trading through the improvement of strategies and techniques.
  • Many trading tools and strategies to alleviate the problems of futures trading.
  • The best practices and common mistakes of technical analysis for more valuable insights.


Who Is This Course For?

Delta Volume Analysis Trading Course by Fulcrum Trader is for every futures trader, both novice and experienced ones. A comprehensive walkthrough and the highlight of practical frameworks are what you can expect to level up your present techniques and strategies.



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