Constructing A Complete Trading Plan – Trader Dante

Constructing A Complete Trading Plan has a challenging, yet rewarding, amount of knowledge for learners to become self-sufficient with their own trading plan.

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Course overview

Constructing A Complete Trading Plan by Trader Dante, divided into 3 modules, covers an incredible amount of knowledge that can pose somewhat overwhelming to unprepared learners. This course takes you from the step-by-step instructions on how to approach desired financial markets to advanced complex technical analysis.

For you to become self-sufficient at developing your own trading plan and increase the rates of winning trades, Constructing A Complete Trading Plan boasts not only pure knowledge but also vivid illustrations of charts and hands-on case studies using real trading databases, graphs, and the like. Everything is designed for you to gain practical insights into understanding the market and come up with developing trading plans that are tailored to only you.


Course outline

Module 1: how to swing trade forex and futures

  • Webinar 1: order flow dynamics in forex and financial markets
  • Webinar 2: how to draw levels
  • Webinar 3: the swing failure platform
  • Webinar 4: price patterns for directional bias
  • Webinar 5: how to trade levels part 1
  • Webinar 6: how to trade levels part 2
  • Webinar 7: trade management
  • Webinar 8: how to trade gaps
  • Webinar 9: market correlations & news
  • Webinar 10: effective risk management
  • Webinar 11: routine & record keeping
  • Webinar 12: 30 trade examples 1
  • Webinar 12: 30 trade examples 2


Module 2: the basics, advanced techniques to profitable trading

  • Webinar 1: everything you always wanted to know… But were too afraid to ask
  • Webinar 2: choosing your market to specialize in
  • Webinar 3: revisiting the SFP – advanced techniques for trading the setup
  • Webinar 4: trading general pattern failure
  • Webinar 5: market mapping
  • Webinar 6: constructing a complete trading plan part 1
  • Webinar 7: constructing a complete trading plan part 2
  • Webinar 8: techniques for growing a small account
  • Webinar 9: trading psychology
  • Webinar 10: drawing on the knowledge of other professional
  • Webinar 11: increasing trader performance
  • Webinar 12: how to get a job as a trader


Module 3: day trading in short-term time frames

  • Introductory webinar #1 an introduction to module 3
  • Introduction webinar #2 setting up to trade (includes all MarketDelta definitions)
  • Webinar 1: price discovery and finding value
  • Webinar 2: market mapping with technicals and volume profiling techniques
  • Webinar 3: higher time frame context analyzing day types to establish directional biases
  • Webinar 4: introducing market profile
  • Webinar 5: using the market profile to understand day development and key areas to do business
  • Webinar 6: entering the market
  • Webinar 7: reading the DOM and using footprint charts to execute effectively
  • Webinar 8: trade management – when to hold and when to fold
  • Webinar 9: trading the news
  • Additional examples
  • Market mapping
  • Trade management
  • Trade

What will you learn?

Module 1: how to swing trade forex and futures

  • Utilizing Order Flow Dynamics for insights into forex and futures trading market
  • Identifying price patterns for directional biases while keeping eyes on patterns of trading failures
  • Methods for practicing trading
  • Techniques for managing risks
  • The correlation between important events/ news to the market
  • Time management and how to set up your trading routines
  • Hands-on demonstrations of 30 case studies


Module 2: the basics, advanced techniques to profitable trading

  • Scanning through existing trading markets and choosing the most suitable for you
  • Introduction to SFP – an advanced technique for high profitability
  • Avoiding the general patterns that lead to failure
  • In-depth step-by-step guidance on building a complete trading plan
  • Growing your small accounts
  • Appropriate approaches and proper mindset of professional traders amid the market with high volatility
  • What to look out for when becoming a full-time trader


Module 3: day trading in short-term time frames

  • Techniques and setups for bund trading, and other futures markets
  • Guidelines of DOM, Market Profile, and numerous footprint charts
  • Introduction to MarketDelta and how to trade with it

Who is this course for?

With 3 modules full of essential fundamentals and hands-on techniques and strategies that can be applied to a long list of situations, Constructing A Complete Trading Plan is just a must-have course for traders at all levels.


Tom Dante

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