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Trade Like A Rockstar Course provides a comprehensive walk-through of practical stock trading strategies and illustrated case studies and examples.

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Course Overview

Trade Like A Rockstar Course shares the best practices of stock trading from real trading experience by Mr. Leonardo, the course host and the creator of the 13 Market Moves platform.

Not speaking too much about theories, the course points out the adaptable techniques and strategies. Those frameworks are applied to real trading and bring back high profits with low risks.

Don’t worry that you stumble into a course full of trading theories and practical techniques! Trade Like A Rockstar Course cleverly blends the instructions on techniques, stock scanners, strategies, etc. with various case studies and examples.

Course Outline

  • Evaluating the profitable stocks for investments: You will learn how to find profitable stocks for risk minimization and profit maximization. Techniques, strategies, and tools can help you choose the right stocks without dependence on trends.
  • Building a winning watchlist: Deep dives into the best practices to increase chances of success with your investments are provided with details
  • How to develop trading strategies: You will learn the proven strategies through the instructions on proven frameworks.
  • How to manage risks amidst the crazy market volatility: Tumultuous price actions always happen so be ready to handle risks or exploit them to earn profits with the tools and strategies in the course!

What Will You Learn?

  • More than 5 hours of the live trading seminar for practical insights into how to develop and apply strategies to real-life trading situations.
  • How to choose the best or potential-for-growth stocks for your trading portfolio.
  • How to develop a winning watchlist in terms of portfolio diversification, risk management, etc.
  • How to manage your investment portfolio and make timely adjustments.
  • How to decode the price movements in the trading markets through chart patterns for market trend projection.
  • The tips and tricks for profitable trades from the experience of Mr. Leonardo.
  • The powerful tools that Mr. Leonardo has used to generate insights into the stock markets. Thus,  he could make timely adjustments in bullish/bearish markets!

Who Is This Course For?

Trade Like A Rockstar does not divide its target audience into trading levels. You can join this course without worrying about the prerequisites. Whether you are a novice stock trader or a seasoned trader, you will find this course helpful thanks to its complete guideline!



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