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The Option Pit VIX Primer by Option Pit clears out the confusion of such a complex topic in options trading and shows you the right way to use it for profits.

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Course Overview

The Option Pit VIX Primer by Option Pit will give you practical tools to trade VIX ETPs and VIX Options. The VIX Futures and Options and the VIX ETPs are consistently the most active options classes, futures, and ETPs traded on a daily basis. Yet many traders consistently trade these products incorrectly. More than any other trading instrument, the nuances of the VIX and VIX ETPs can cause a good idea to go bad easily, spoiling your entire options trading plan.


Course Outline

  • VIX Primer Part 1.mp4
  • VIX Primer Part 2.mp4
  • Mastering VIX Trading Part 1.mp4
  • Mastering VIX Trading Part 2.mp4
  • VIX and Volatility Primer Part 1A.mp4
  • VIX and Volatility Primer Part 1B.mp4
  • VIX and Volatility Primer 2.mp4


What Will You Learn?

  • The major VIX cycles and zones
  • How to trade VIX options for income
  • How to take advantage of the weaknesses and strengths of VIX ETPs
  • The not-so-secret secrets to buying and selling XIV and VXX


Who is This Course For?

The Option Pit VIX Primer by Option Pit tackles a complex topic of options trading that is best to be challenged by advanced traders rather than those with less prior knowledge.


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