The EURUSD Day Trading Course – Trade That Swing

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This course focuses on forex trading strategies of the pair EURUSD within a day. All the effective tools and techniques are what you can expect from this course to gain consistent profitability with EURUSD.

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Trade That Swing

Course Overview

The EURUSD Day Trading Course by Trade That Swing shares best practices of trading the EURUSD within 2 hours or a day. Surprising outcomes of double-digit returns per month are waiting through real case studies and examples. It includes all the tools and strategies that you need to gain the trading edge, win profits, and maintain consistency.

Course Outline

  • Understanding the EURUSD
  • Brokers, Spreads, and Charting Platforms
  • When to Trade and Setting up Charts
  • How to Practice and Improve
  • Position Sizing on the Fly
  • When Not to Trade
  • Pre-Trade Routine
  • Strategy 1 – Rounded Tops and Rounded Bottom
  • Strategy 2 – Double Pump and Double Pump Variation
  • Strategy 3 – Snap Back
  • Bringing the Strategies Together
  • Alternative Exit Methods
  • Win Rate and Reward-Risk
  • Tracking Trades and Efficiency
  • Create Your Personal Trading Plan
  • How to Always Stay on Top of the Price Action
  • Additional Exercises to Improve

What Will You Learn?

  • Powerful strategies and tactics for profitable EUR/USD trades.
  • How to read charts to draw valuable insights into trend patterns.
  • Tips for strengthening your mind amidst the tumultuous price actions.
  • Illustrated case studies and charts for better understanding of the frameworks.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Those who want to make returns of double digits every month at the affordable level.
  • Those who take trading as a career or as a passive income.
  • Those who have interest in day trading for instant returns.
  • Those who want to earn profits from several-minute trades.
  • Those who want to spend from one to two hours per day on trading.
  • Those who love simple approaches to trading, such as using only one timeframe, focusing on the EURUSD, 4 price action patterns, using no indicators.




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