System Trading Unleashed Online Course – System Trading Unleashed

System Trading Unleashed Online Course by System Trading Unleashed illuminates adaptable techniques and strategies to obtain higher profits and suffer from minimal losses from bad trades.

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Course Overview

System Trading Unleashed Online Course by System Trading Unleashed sheds light on multiple topics that you need to know for consistent profits and low risks. You can learn through detailed instructions and real-world case studies.

Course Outline

  • Module #1: Selecting the ‘Markets and Timeframes’ the most profitable traders use
    • Which markets are the best to trade and which ones you should completely avoid,
    • The most popular timeframes used by successful traders,
    • How to choose a trading style that suits you and the markets you want to trade. So many beginning traders get this wrong, and they suffer for it.
  • Module #2: Unleashing ‘Technology’ so you don’t waste money on hardware and software you don’t need
    • The most popular software the majority of traders use and the best way to get started,
    • What type of computer you need. This includes speed, memory, internet connection and other aspects you need to consider to have a reliable trading machine,
    • Can you trade using a home PC, or do you need something else, like a Virtual Private Server?
  • Module #3: Unleashing the ‘Best Performing Systems’ that keep making money consistently over many years
    • What all the best performing strategies have in common, so you can do the same,
    • How to keep trading strategies fresh, and do we really need to re-optimize them?
    • How long trading strategies can last, and how much money they really make.
  • Module #4: Unleashing the ‘Worst Performing Systems’ so you know exactly what not to do, saving the money in your trading account
    • What the worst performing strategies have in common,
    • Can we spot the flaws in trading strategies before they lose too much money?
    • The top mistakes strategy developers make that cause poor performing systems.
  • Module #5:‘Behind the Scenes’ tips to knowing exactly how much money you need to get started
    • How much money is really required to start trading,
    • When to switch trading strategies on and off and what to do if a trading strategy goes bad,
    • Why do some traders still lose money even when they have a profitable system?
  • Module #6: Creating ‘Portfolios’ of strategies for consistent profits and lower drawdowns
    • Why traders need a portfolio of strategies for consistent profits and long-term success,
    • The best way to approach portfolio construction – do it wrong, and you could blow up your trading account!
    • How to combine strategies into a powerful portfolio to reduce drawdowns and create a smooth equity curve.
    • How much are you willing to invest in your trading career to avoid hundreds of hours of frustration and save thousands of dollars?
  • Free Bonus #1: ‘Top 5 tips for choosing a broker’ instructional video (47 USD value)
    • In the “System Trading Unleashed” course you’ll discover one of the most popular brokers used by professional traders.
    • In this bonus video, you’ll hear the Top 5 tips for choosing a broker. PLUS how you can get some exclusive benefits by joining the broker we discuss in the video.
  • Free Bonus #2: ‘Breakout Trading Strategies Quick Start Kit’. Plus 2 example breakout strategies with EasyLanguage code.
  • Breakout strategies are one of the most popular trading approaches ever.
  • So, grab this next bonus while it is still available. Discover how to get started with breakout strategies fast!
  • Top 10 powerful tips to start with breakout trading strategies.

What Will You Learn?

  • Introduction to breakout strategies.
  • Practical walkthrough on 2 real-life breakout strategies.
  • 2 breakout strategies (including codes).
  • 10 powerful tips to start with breakout trading strategies.
  • Tips to build trading strategies that work.
  • And so much more!

Who Is This Course For?

The course will be a great help for those who have traded for a while and want to level up their skills and knowledge.



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