Super Timing. W.D.Ganns Astrological Method – Myles Wilson Walker

Super Timing. W.D.Ganns Astrological Method by Myles Wilson Walker talks on an extraordinary side of trading – astrology, revealing the secrets for success.

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W.D. Gann Expert, Myles Wilson Walker
MS Technical Analysis

Course Overview

In this Super Timing. W.D.Ganns Astrological Method by Myles Wilson Walker, you will see the same pattern that appears over and over again in Gann’s method for technical analysis. While you are reading it may be difficult initially if you have never looked at astrology, not because of the concepts but because of the terminology and the glyphs of the planets. The author uses the full name for everything instead of the shorthand where ever he can because he wants you to understand and recognize the pattern as quickly as you can. Remember Gann often mentioned the circle (cycle) the square and the triangle soon you will find out what he meant.

Course Outline

  • D.Gann and Astro – The proof
  • Gann’s first trade was on August 15th, 1902
  • Gann made one of his most important discoveries on August 8th, 1908
  • The W.D.Gann astrological method solves the trades
  • Gann finished cotton trades and closed
  • D.Ganns scientific forecasts
  • The Morning Telegraph article on Gann December 17th, 1922
  • Summary of Ganns Sequence of stock market predictions from September 3rd, 1929 to July 21st, 1933
  • The Hexagon chart
  • Price and planetary activity at the same point
  • The Hexagon and 1908
  • Jupiter Ingress
  • Using the hexagon 1908 price target method with soybeans
  • May beans 1989 and 1998. March soybeans 1999
  • Examples of the 1908 price target method from recent markets
  • Strange Clocks
  • The S+P
  • The complete Ticker interview
  • Ganns trading strategy
  • Robert Gordon’s great campaign in cotton
  • A brief Astrology of the U.S. Stock Market from 1994 to 1997

What Will You Learn?

  • News and articles regarding Gann’s method
  • How the astrological methods help you solve the trades
  • The Hexagon chart
  • How the planetary activities affect the price
  • Trading strategies using Gann’s methods

Who is This Course For?

Super Timing. W.D.Ganns Astrological Method by Myles Wilson Walker holds the secrets behind the spectacular technical analysis method of W.D.Ganns, which may only benefit advanced traders with prior knowledge.



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