Staying in the Trade – My Traders State of Mind

Staying in the Trade by My Traders State of Mind sheds light on how a professional trader can keep calm during an unwanted trading situation and still profit.

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Trading Psychology, My Traders State of Mind
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Course Overview

Staying in the trade seems like a roller coaster ride for most traders. But it doesn’t have to be. With Staying in the Trade by My Traders State of Mind, you can learn how to establish a patient, focused, and disciplined mind for managing the uncertainty and confusion that often happens to traders. In this guided meditation you will learn how to establish the Trader’s State of Mind and how to maintain your trading psychology in the sometimes chaotic environment of trade.


Course Outline

  • Breathing for traders.mp3
  • Building the intentional mind for trading.mp3
  • Developing mindfulness: the observer of thought.mp3
  • Developing patience.mp3
  • Mindfulness training exercise for traders.mp3
  • Overcoming hesitation guided meditation.mp3
  • Staying in the trade.mp3


What Will You Learn?

  • Guided meditation to prepare their mind for a day of trading
  • Dissolving the worry that many traders experience even before they start trading


Who is This Course For?

Staying in the Trade by My Traders State of Mind is designed for any type of trader who may need a little help to keep calm during chaotic trades.



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