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This is your opportunity to become a STAND OUT authority and uncover the ultimate LinkedIn content and marketing blueprint your brand will ever need.

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Uncover the Secrets to Building a Rock-Solid LinkedIn Strategy to Attract 6 Figure Clients WITHOUT SPAMMING

The Standout Authority Experience will help you build a personal brand that commands attention on LinkedIn, craft a content strategy that gets you seen and heard, and convert your audience into clients, built by marketing experts with nearly 40 years of combined experience.

Where you’ll learn to…


Stand out in your niche through a clear vision for your personal brand, content, and LinkedIn strategy so that you have a rock solid plan that gets you seen, heard and paid consistently.


Create content using AI and our customized templates that gets you engagement and followers every time.


Implement our Engagement Engine that we use with corporate executives and powerful business owners that lands 5 and 6-figure business opportunities.

BUT above all else…

The Standout Authority Experience will give you the confidence to finally get VISIBILITY and BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES without having to SPAM annd SELL people.

Course Review

Before we start the program, we have a prep workbook to support you in establishing clear goals and getting your social media ready for impact.
Define your short and long term goals
Review all of your social media channels from Facebook to YouTube with our quick brand overview guide
Get ready to use LinkedIn to achieve maximum results

In this module you’ll build the foundation to becoming a standout authority: your personal brand. You’ll craft your personal brand value proposition, establish your brand voice, and develop a rockstar LinkedIn profile that can get you 2X visibility.
Define your personal brand value statement by looking at your skills, audience, differentiation and passion
Establish your brand voice and define your audience
Rock your LinkedIn profile so that it’s optimized for SEO and gets you ranked in search

In this module you’ll learn how to create compelling content that gets you seen and heard. You’ll learn the exact methods we use with top industry experts, influencers, and business executives that’s grown their following 3X and gets over 3% engagement rates every time.
Create a content strategy that drives consistency and relevance for your brand with the right audience
Learn the 10/20/70 Rule of Content and how to master the LinkedIn algorithm so you always see results
Learn how to use AI to craft your content and get you visibility with what’s trending

In this module, you’ll learn our secret sauce: The Engagement Engine. You’ll learn how to create conversations that turn into clients without being spammy. Plus you’ll learn what it takes to be a next level creator and accelerate your success on LinkedIn.
Get step by step guidance on how to find and engage with your ideal audience using LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Implement our 5 step Engagement Engine process that’s landed 6 figure deals
Become a thought leader with influence by learning what it takes to be a next level creator amongst business professionals


You’ll Get These 3 Bonuses To Help You Have Unstoppable Momentum And Make Sure You Get VISIBILITY AND BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES!

Save on Marketing Costs by Rocking Your Company Page
($1,000 Value)
An up-to-date LinkedIn Company Page can help you generate more marketing awareness and drive sales for your business without spending more on marketing.
Get step by step guidance on creating a LinkedIn company page that’s optimized for SEO and has the right brand message. Plus learn how to share content and use your page for events and podcasts.

Maximize Your Reach and Save Time: How to Speak on More Podcasts
($2,000 Value)
When you speak on more podcasts, you’re able to amplify your message to a larger audience without having to invest a lot of time and resources into creating new content. Plus you can repurpose the content in other ways!
We’ll show you how to find the right podcasts to be on and how to ask to be a guest through messaging. We’ll teach you the best way to get podcast opportunities without spending hours on outreach!

Maximize Profits by Hiring and Training Your Content Writer for Success
($3,000 Value)
Investing in the right content writer and providing proper training can help your business reach new heights. By creating high-quality, engaging content, you can attract more customers and increase profits.
We’ll show you how to hire and train the right content writer for your business, so you can unlock your full potential and achieve success.

Lots of LIVE, Caring, Patient Support When You Need it!

You’re probably feeling a little intimidated about tackling this essential growth process for your business. That makes total sense! That’s why we provide you with:

Standout Authority Experience Trainings: Access to 10+ on-demand training videos
Proven Templates On Content and Messaging: Done for you graphics and messaging templates
A Step By Step Process to Becoming an Authority: Get the proven process we use to land 5 and 6 figure deals
Direct Access To Our Private Group: Get your questions answered quickly and efficiently in our private community

About the author

Josh, with a background in pioneering online marketing, realized the power of authentic connections. Standout Authority is about turning real conversations into business opportunities without relying on ads.

Rachel, who joined in 2021 after leaving Microsoft and Gartner, shares the mission of helping individuals build authentic brands that drive both demand and advocacy. Together, Josh and Rachel aim to revolutionize online marketing, putting the “human” back in the process.

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