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Remember the perils of exceeding our skill levels when driving at such high speeds. Safety should always remain a top priority. We trust you found this article on the A14 weekly option strategy informative and engaging.

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Amy Meissner taught her A14 Weekly Option Strategy Workshop about 18-months ago. Before that class, she tripled her account in 15-months.
Amy codified a set of rules for others to trade in a similar manner. The original workshop was a huge success with many traders still trading the A14 today.

Now that Amy has another 18-months of experience trading the A14 style, she wants to bring more advanced trading ideas to A14 traders.

Amy will be introducing her new A14 weekly option strategy workshop on June 1st at 4:15pm Eastern on the Round Table.

The A14 Weekly Option Strategy, developed by Amy Meissner, draws its name from Germany’s Autobahn 14, known for unrestricted speeds in certain areas, symbolizing the strategy’s non-directional nature. With a brief 14-day expiration period, it’s geared towards swift income generation, making it more assertive compared to longer-term trades. However, it carries the risk of substantial price fluctuations that can impact the trade. The strategy’s objective is to outweigh losses from extreme movements with multiple wins. While not intended to be held until expiration, it operates within the high gamma zone, staying within two weeks of expiration, with an average trade duration of approximately eight calendar days.

Evaluating the performance of the A14 strategy can be a challenging task. The outcomes of any strategy are heavily reliant on the prevailing market conditions during the trading period and the trader’s skill set. Amy’s A14 strategy performance statistics for the period from January 2021 to November 2021 can be found on the Aeromir website, displaying an impressive net profit of 115%, effectively doubling her $50,000 account in less than a year. Her equity curve exhibits a remarkably consistent trajectory, with minimal drawdowns. With compounding, she managed to triple her account in just 15 months. In a YouTube video introduction mentioned earlier, she disclosed a 229% net profit over the past 15 months, from September 2020 to November 2021. This period coincided with a bullish market, which generally favors trading performance since the A14 strategy tends to suffer more during bearish market conditions. To gain a comprehensive perspective, it would be valuable to assess the strategy’s performance in a downward-trending market, such as in 2022. In a forthcoming post, we will share a backtest conducted by a student during that year, although it’s important to note that backtest results may not always reflect live trading outcomes. The student achieved a 73% return on a planned capital of $25,000 for the year 2022.

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