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Orderflows Absorption Trading Course by Order Flows teaches about the other factor of the market – volume throughout 7 videos sessions along with attached PDF files.

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Course overview

There are 7 video sessions along with included PDF files on the Orderflows Absorption Trading Course. The Orderflows Absorption Trading Course will instruct traders from a basic level of knowledge to an advanced level of knowledge on the way to effectively trade with the new insight into absorption, distribution, accumulation, and volume that institutional traders use in the daily markets.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: What is absorption and why it matters
  • Module 2: Understanding the players
  • Module 3: Recognizing absorption
  • Module 4: Accumulation and distribution
  • Module 5: Reversals vs continuation
  • Module 6: Absorption trade setups
  • Module 7: Putting it all together

What will you learn?

  • Get to know absorption and how to trade it
  • Why volume is important and how to read it
  • Identify when the market is consolidating or distributing
  • How big traders trade differently from small traders
  • How are the highs and lows held?
  • Understand why the market returned to a level and that level stayed the same
  • Learn different volume/absorptive trading setups

Who is the course for?

For Order flow trading who already have knowledge of the relevant subject



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