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The Option Alpha course Profit Matrix: The Options Strategy Backtesting Report will offer you the best ten options for 330 distinct trading scenarios.

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Options Trading

Course Overview

With Options Strategy Backtesting Report – PROFIT MATRIX, a course of Option Alpha, investors may learn whether top-of-the-line approaches have been effective in meeting the specific requirements of 330 various markets and market situations. Every business setup is explained in detail in this step-by-step guide, which includes information on how far to go to join new firms, how to trade, and the amount of deltas and spreads that must be used. It is also possible to use Strategy Performance Heat Maps, which allow you to compare and contrast settings from a variety of different market circumstances. This IV rank, trading frequency, expiration days, and other market circumstances are samples of what you will see in the market.

Among the strategies covered in the Profit Matrix: The Options Strategy Backtesting Report – PROFIT MATRIX are short straddles, also known as short strands, iron butterflies, also known as iron containers, put/call credit spreads, put/call calendars, and put/call debit spreads. There are ten alternative tactics discussed throughout the course. The following is an option matrix: Hedging involves a wide number of different types of risk, including unnamed and specified risk, selling and acquiring options, as well as bullish, bizarre, and neutral policies. In order to analyze all methods, Option Alpha has utilized a baseline set of variants that was tested across the board.

The Options Strategy Backtesting Report – PROFIT MATRIX course outline

  • The Performance Hot Maps,
  • The Overall Performance,
  • The Individual Strategy Performance Sections

What will you learn?

  • The back-tests of 10 different strategies
  • The analysis of their variables, including short-straddles, iron butterflies, iron condors, credit spreads, calendars, debit spreads.
  • The data collection of 50 different ticker symbols.

Who is this course for?

The Options Strategy Backtesting Report – PROFIT MATRIX is designed to:

  • Traders who want to learn how to trade without the knowledge of coding.
  • Traders who want to gain the top-out profits without taking risks.
  • Traders who have a passion for automated trading systems with the aid of a user-friendly interface and the adaptability to real trading.


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